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Man, I thought this thread had died! lol, well I was caustic with the title, somewhat tongue in cheek, but am amazed the direction it went. I see guys putzing around with 21s and I have covered 5 yards before they are thru, and we are putting out close to the same emissions. IMHO, I think the largest fastest mowers are a must going into this next century, just wait, you will see a show on it in the next few years, I guarantee. Americans are norotiously complacent. The giant cars died in the 70s when gas was scarce, and Japanese cars kicked our ass. OK, now, it is 2005, and we didn't learn, GM is losing a **** load of money now, as, oh guess what, SUV sales are plummeting, DUH. We are entering a time never seen before, We have never had the population (that is growing), the greenhouse effect, the scarcity of resources, etc. I am just concerned, and dont want to be a typical complacent American!
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