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I work for a guy that Produced the last Sandra Bullock Movie, [and the 1st and is writein the next 1 as well]....Hes very casual, doesent get involved with the lawn / trees, it all up to his wife. They're are the "Nicest, most normal people I work for",.....another couples company went fortune 500 last year, & when they moved to a Estate area, I moved with them [ now I manage all the outside services on their property]...again very relaxed, very peaceful workin there. ....If you do things right you dont have to charge an arm & a leg, you just focus your attensions on makein there lives as peaceful as possible [ pay attension to detail] each of these accounts gets me $3000.00 in annual pot / hanging basket / spot color planting and another $5-7000 per yr in general maintance [ no-cutting] and if I'm really attentive I average $5-10,000 in misc. plantings per account.......No need to over charge these "Nice People"

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