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Originally Posted by Kasfeldt7
Hello lawn gurus!

Im a full time minister making a poverty line salary. I worked out a deal with my congregation to get the afternoons free in the summer to cut grass to supplement my income. I've done a few lawns last year on the side, but I don't have insurance, a liscense and whatever else may be needed to stay legal. I suppose these things very from state to state (Im in IL).

Could you fill me in on the basics of what I need to do this properly and legally? What permits do I need (where do I get them?) and what insurance do I need (and who provides it)? Do I need to get a seperate Tax ID or anything like that?

Thanks and blessings,
Pastor BK
being legal is a pain in the rear. do you really think the irs is going to audit a minister making 25,000 i don't think so!!

as far as a license, who is ever going to check you??? that's right NO ONE!!

the insurance might be a good idea, but a guy can go "insurance broke" i'd skip it if i were you.

take some of your money and put it towards the common good and be content with yourself. cherish every moment
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