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Pastor FORGET everything that this clown Grassmaster just told you because it is wrong and very bad advice! I will assume that at his young age of 24 he has decided to take the scrub path.

You will need General Commercial Liability Insurance ($1M is the standard normally) that you can get from just about any Insurance Agent. The rate will avry but you can probably figure on around $500 a year, and YES you will want the security of having it.

Business License you just contact your local City/County Tax Office that you will be doing work in and they will assist your needs.

Tax ID Number, ONLY if you INC or add employees. I would suggest at this point you keep it simple and just do a Sole Prop using your SSN. You WILL want a separate business checking acct, like John Doe d/b/a Pastors Lawn Care.

Good luck.
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