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Son-In-Law from Hell

Hi! We're new to the forum. For twelve years, we had a wonderful wealthy older lady as a customer. She became almost like a relative to my husband and I. We went from just landscaping to caretaking the whole property, inside and out. We also began working for the daughter and SON-IN-LAW, who drove us crazy with his moodiness and slow paying. Sometimes we would not see a check for a month. They were always in a hurry to have the work done, though. For years, we've wanted to drop him like a hot potato, but were not sure if it would affect our other client. I think he knew that and took advantage of it.

Now the older lady has moved to a condo .

We've already waited over a week for his next check to arrive. Should we dump him now (I don't think his wife even knows how slow he pays).

How do you all deal with SLOOOOOW payers????
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