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Originally Posted by David Grass
well, then, why? If I can drive to the West Coast in one day instead of 5, with slightly more emissions per hour, I am 4 times more environmentally "friendly". A lesser evil.
I'm not even going to bother to follow this whole thread, but I suspect the point was that the smaller cheaper engines put out a disproportionate amount of emissions, i.e. more emissions per gallon of gas.
Kind of the equivalent of mileage for cars.

That said, if you drove a car 5 times faster, it would put out 5 times as much emissions. A better comparison is a bus carrying 60 people to California vs. 60 cars driving to California. Bus's might be gas hogs, but they are certainly better than the equivalent number of cars.

So was the point that everybody should hire a landscaper with a big mower? Or that LCO's shouldn't use small mowers on big lots?
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