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This is the best way I can come up with for figuring my market conditions.
Pricing is largely determined by "the going rate".
The "goin' rate is largely determined by the competition.

Qualify them as "competition" (no scrubs)(full service)

ask them:
Their going rate for the avg yard in each of the communities they service.
What are the big $ communities?
What communities do they serve?
(I'm wide open for suggestions for questions!!!)

I will try to get as large as a sample as possible. The larger the sample, the more accurately determine the results of this study.

I will be expanding the range of my search beyond my current market, into neighboring markets that have similar economic characteristics. This extra effort should increase the sample size respectably.

The idea behind a large sample size is that if I get a few that are way off base in their pricing/honesty, they will be easy to pick out from the crowd

No real completion date set yet...just something off the top of my head...

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