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New customers and some honest advice!

I have ran into a small problem that is growing wings now. I bought out a local company and his 25 yards. He showed me the route and it was within my established route of 18 yards in that five mile area. I had to pick this up since it was right in my area and that would give me a couple of good cutting days with minimal travel time which is always nice. I started on April 1st. I did not raise any prices on his "former customers." (Be advised that the guy is a mutal friend of 10 years.) After a month of cutting, I have found that most if not all his yards are under bidded and with gas prices on the rise along with everything else I am at a cross roads. He advised me not to raise prices right out of the gate since some might opt to leave before I could prove myself, well okay. Now that I have done all the right things so far without any complaints I feel the time is right for a modest increase in price.

What I need is a basic market price for the following: Mowing, edging, trimming and blowing off debris, your basic service for the following size yards.

What about an acre?
I have over seven yards now at two to three acres. (Note, these customers just want cutting and trimming weekly with a good edge once a month....don't ask?)

I do not want to lose a bunch of customer if it is not necessary. I would like honest feedback and not a bunch of sarcastic comments that I have seen on some of these threads. Thank you each in advance for your feedback and time.
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