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OBRYANMAINT, Good point. My thought was that this was to be an ongoing project. But it might be too much of a diversion/commitment.

I'm just brainstorming. I was thinking of face to face, informal, professional conversation.
I hear ya' on being the most expensive AND proud to say it!
How can I be sure that I AM the most expensive when I don't know their prices?

Very good info! I agree w/ya'.
As far as comparing apples to apples, I was considering only the profesionals.

I definately didn't want to misrepresent myself in this!
I didn't want to push myself on anybody either. One of my "Competitors" that I talk with regularly also runs a retail nursery and is my pine straw supplier. He gives me a good price and good info too. Also 85% of my business last year (my first year) was this guy's leftovers.
In my limited experience, I have found it beneficial to approach humans honestly.
Anything I can't be honest about, I take the 5th!
I'll respect a man if he wants to do the same. I don't have much respect/use for liars/cheats though.

No public works jobs for me yet.
Currently, I'm 100% residential.
Definately good info on the trucking issue!

Thanks all!
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