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How are you gonna use it?

I couldn't Give you much advice without knowing how you're planning to use it..Eg: Every once in a while, pretty regularly, or professionally?

I will say if your looking for a piece to last you for a while go with a Quality machine from Stihl, Husky, Shindaiwa, or Redmax..Jonesreds are a good unit too if they sell them where you live..

Either way, find a Dealer that YOU TRUST, tell him how your gonna use it, and if he knows his stuff, he should be able to answer your question...

Btw, do your research online, at any of the aforementioned Manufacturer's websites, and they will likely answer your questions for you..The products are usually arranged according to their intended usage.. That may help you cut truogh any B.S. an UNTRUSTWORTHY dealer may try to spin to you..Be educated before you buy

Hope I helped and didn't confuse.
May peace and blessing from the LORD be with you, Fellow Hot Rod Freaks!!
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