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Originally Posted by DAZ982500
I Was Curious After Having A Conversation And Laugh With A Family Member Who Is An Attorney.he Was Telling Me About A Guy Who Was Being Sued By A Homeowner Who He Cuts His Lawn For, For An Incident In Which The Homeowner While Helpng The Lawn Cutter With Something Slipped Fell And Injuried Himself. I Did Nt Get All The Details I Guess He Was Helping The Lawn Cutting Guy With Some Of His Equipment On To The Truck.anyway He Only Got 5000.00 Out Of The Guy.i See So Many People That Do This Part What Looks Like For Extra Cash People Have Know Idea According To My Cousin That All It Takes Is One Accident And For Those That Have Homes 401k Plans Any Capital What So Ever You Will Be Taking A Big Bath!we All Want To Make As Much As We Can The First Couple Years I Went Without Insurance I Wouuld Never Never Never Take The Chance With Out It.although No One Ever Inquires As To Whether I Have It Except The The Realtors Who I Try To Acquire Business Careful And Buy Insurance.
I am part time, have insurance, and I am incorporated. I keep my business strictly separate, and follow all rules and regs for my corporation (It just does not exists on paper). I am more protected than alot that do this full time and think that they are protected because they are incorporated. I would like to hear one of the full timers who's veil was pierced on their corporate identity...but you probably wont because their insurance payoff was maxed out and they still had to claim bankrupcy, and don't have a computer to access Lawnsite on! Not all part timers are scrubs!
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