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Originally Posted by lawnhoney
I feel the same as all of you thanks and gladu like my name lol, the only one I dont agree with is olderthan dirt (sorry) I understand the monet part but I wnat to create a good rep as we are just starting out and in the same sense dont want to be taken advantage of if u know what I mean
You are being taken advantage of your doing work you could and should be getting paid for. And the rep your creating is that you will work for free. Those customers are sitting there laughing at all the free work you are providing them and when someone comes along a few dollars cheapers you will be replaced and the new guy will start giving out free work becoase he wants to impress and build his rep. Screw building a good rep I want to build a bank account and you can't do that by giving away work that you can get paid for. Remember these customers really don't care what there property looks like or they would have hired you to clean the beds in the first place.
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