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Children on riders...are the parents stupid??

Sorry Jodi or Charles if you have to move this, I just wanted more people to see this..Each year we hear the horror stories of children injured or killed while riding on the lap of an adult on a lawn tractor, I almost saw one the other day. I was mowing a church account, and the neighbor stopped on his new Troy Bilt tractor to ask about the Standers. He was really proud of his new mower, and then we went back to mowing our respective yards. About ten minutes later, I looked over and he has his son, maybe 2-3 years old, riding with him on the tractor. He was sitting on the outside of the guys right thigh, saddle style. They went to turn and he almost dropped the little boy. If that wasn't bad enough, a minute later, he got too close to a low branch on a pear tree, and about ripped both their heads off. I was about ready to go ask the guy if he was crazy or just plain lacking in common sense. I figured it wasn't my place, so I kept mowing. I had to fix my crooked, if you know anyone who takes their children on a lawn tractor with them because they think it's " fun", tell them to think again..sorry for the rant...been working too much...
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