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I usually stick up for a parents right to give there kid a ride on the mower. But last week I saw something that shook my faith in my fellow man to the core. This guy had a mower with blades engaged stuck in a ditch. It was about to flip over as he rocked it and flung his body to one side to keep it from rolling over. In his lap was a kid no more than 3 years old. Right next to the highway in a steep ditch. I stopped my truck and ran over to them and graped the mower and pushed it out while holding it down. What I wanted to do was grab the kid set him off to the side and whale the tar out of this guy. My dad and grandad gave me lots of rides on farm equipment as a kid but they never put me in such a position of danger like that. They used it as an opportunity to discuss safety issues with me. I wasn't allowed to ride when they were working until I was old enough to hang on at least. Some people have absolutely no sense at all.
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