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Originally Posted by anothertractor
I have been thinking about this myself. Most of my customers at this time want the grass knocked down and that is it. I am waiting for those customers that do care. I have been doing only what the customer wants and charging them accordingly. I try to sell them other services like blowing out the beds and do a spring cleanup. They say No thanks. I have been known to remove the magnets from my truck so people don't see me servicing these horrible looking properties.
The problem with maintenance is most home owners can do it themselves. So all you have to offer them is time, time to do other things than work in there yards. So you need to sell your biz that way, as a time saver. Ask what they would prefer doing, spending the day on the boat thats sitting in there drive or the camper that there or work in the yard? Have a photo album with you to show them before and after pics of what you can do to make there house look great. Don't count on a web site they have to see it as your selling it to them. Sell it as a way for them to make money not pay out money, great looking landscaping increases property value up to 20% in some cases so instead of paying you a few thousand they are really making 15-20 k. Its all about sales 90% of what maintenance consist of is SALES if you can't sell it then you can't do it
BTW- nothings sweeter than honey
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