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The answering service on my cell phone says, "This is PASTOR Blair, sorry I cant take your call right now....ect."

So I get a message to call this guy for lawn care, and call him back...

ME - Hi Im returning your call for lawn service
JIM - Hi Im going on vacation and would like my lawn mowed, I live at etc.
ME - OK great. When would be a good time for me to look at it?
JIM - Give me your name and address and Ill send you a check in the mail after you mow my lawn. Dont mow it too short.
ME - Im sorry how about I stop by before you go on vacation and I can give you an estimate so you can leave me payment.
JIM - Well if you want to be an ASS about it! I doesnt make a difference to me!
ME - (laughing) well, you'd do the same if you were in my shoes.
JIM - Fine. How about I let someone else do it? How'd you'd like that Blair?! I'll just give the job to someone else!
ME - Sounds good, rip someone else off. CLICK.

Wow - talk about pastors not getting any respect!

Had to pray for awhile after that phone call to cool down :blush:
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