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ZTRís for residential use

First off let me say how nice this forum has been in my search for a new mower. Iím a little bit of a tightwad, but I prefer VALUE over a cheap price, and this forum has really helped me answer a lot of my initial questions.

I was wondering if you professionals might be able to recommend a ZTR for residential use. I have about 1.5 acres, but it will need to be mowed almost weekly. It seems like a ZTR is the only way to go since I have many trees on the property.

This forum helped me find the Hustler mowers, but even the price of the Mini Fastrack seems a little steep for just residential use.

All that being said any suggestions would be appreciated. Iím not looking for a $800 riding mower, but Iíd also like to keep it around $2500 if possible. Can a decent ZTR for residential use be found for that?

Thanks again for any input.
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