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Well I must be the stupid one here cause I ride and cut with my kids every now and then but I dont advertise it to them.. I do have a few rules though they have to follow....must wear shoes, never sneak up behind the mower while im cutting......never get close to the deck with your feet or fingers even when the mower is not running......must be sitting in between my legs..... cannot get on or off the mower when the blades are turning and must wait for them to stop spinning before getting off...We have a level lot with very little hazards and if I think that I will be cutting any thing rough or uneven I make them get off.I have told them all the horror stories associated with mower accidents. I do believe it can be done safely but the older I get (37 by the way) the more I worry about the possibilities of them getting hurt. I would say most of the accidents that occur are probably with people who just dont realize how dangerous they are and dont think about the dangers invovled but, If a person understands the dangers and sets forth rules and educates there children then I believe in the right circumstances it can be done safely.
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