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Scrub complaint: There's a house not too far from me where a sign for lawn care popped up this spring. "Blah Blah lawncare" then underneath it it lists just about every service anyone could offer for your house. Why not chose Handyman and leave it at that?

Crazy call:
I gets this call for a mowing estimate. Guy is taking care of his mother's place, she died over the winter. Says they haven't mowed it yet, and it needs attention soon. Right away that tells me it's overgrown. It's in a neighborhood I'm in, so I take interest. But the guy keeps hinting around at wanting it done asap. I tell him I need to look at it, especially if it's long, before I can give him a price. He keeps hinting around at lot size, etc, trying to get a price outta me. Then I tell him I can't get to it until over the weekend, maybe monday. He wants it done right away. Tells me that if I do a good job, a whole season of mowing might be in it for me. Wow.

I repeat I need to take a look, that I can't do it until later this weekend, and I'll get back to him tomorrow with an estimate. He keeps trying to get a price outta me and to get me to committ to it, so I blow him off and hang up.

Hour later he calls back. Says he's got another lawn dude that can do it tomorrow for $20. Asks if I can beat that, since I'm a regular in the neighborhood, he'd rather give it to me. I tell him that if he got someone to committ to mowing an overgrown lawn for $20 without seeing it in an hour since I last talked to him he should take it. Then I interrupt him, say thanks for the call and hang up. Laughing.

I hope he finds someone that will fall for that over the phone.
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