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One guy...did a 1 timer on his F'd up yard last year..... Wash his neighbor's house a month or so ago & the wife wanted a quote. Gave one..never heard back.

did another neighbor's lawn a few weeks ago & they wanted a price for their back yard (2 ft high) . Told them to get someone to bushhog it as I did not want to tear up my mower. Or find a nut to mow it ("like me last year" , I told the wife). She said yeah my husband was afraid to mow with his for fear of "hitting something".... OK to let Lawn guy destroy his stuff though.

Anyway someone evidently bushhogged it or mowed it ,,about 3 weeks ago. He calls & leaves a message to call him about the back yard again. Just erased that message. I hate giving prices over & over again. Especially to folks who will not keep their yard or home in shape. I can understand not being able to afford some services...but quit being so lazy & cut your own grass. I'd be ashamed if I let my lawn look like a pasture.
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