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Originally Posted by marko
It seems most of the low price guys advertisements go like this:

You determine your mowing price!!!
Quality work, references, and Insured for your protection!
Mowing, aeration/power raking, seeding, mulch, bush work
snow removal, gutters cleaned, dog poop service, power washing
windows cleaned, holiday lighting, dog walking, pet sitting, brickwork,
patios, walkways, walls, garden soil turning, cleanups, cars washed
oil changes, tree work, pools cleaned, fence repair, ponds, rock work
stone work, lawn rolling, scalping, deck squaring, and deck installations. Call for a free estimate today!!!!!

He probably thought since you mowed, you also did deck work.
Well lemmie tell ya something Mr.Marko who are you to say whats neccesary or not to do for a customer and to make a buck?
I'm a Landscaper but when I first started out I did most of those things and more. . if that's what my cust needed done I did it wadda ya gonna do let them line somebody elses pockets?
I've ripped out old lawns and installed new ones both sod and seed,
rottotilled,pruned,mowed,mulched,cleaned gutters,powerwashed decks,repaired decks,aeriated,did clean-ups and lots of them,Tree work,rolling,walkways and pathways,washed and detailed-out several clients cars and got paid well for it too, Iv'e housesat with dogsitting at same time,
SO WHat? :blob3:
Does that make me a scrub?No it makes me much more informed,versatile,and well rounded in my knowlage,it makes me adaptible,and it allowed me to please my clients and get paid when some are sitting around waiting for the phone to ring,or waiting for the weather to change,
I was making money and good money at that.How would you like to stay in a totaly cool million dollar home overlooking a beutifull lake and get to use the jacuzzie,have meals free and feed a tiny dog twice a day,get paid for that plus get paid for doing a garden project at the place too while your there?
I mean who's gonna say no to that?A one week stay if you rent a place at that lake goes for $1700.00 to 2000.00
I stayed for free plus GOT paid for it too.

Everybody else?Sitting at home watching it snow and not making a dime.So how stupid do you really think I am??I'm proud to be a Janeof-all trades,though I am exclusive now,it sure never hurt me before.
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