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Originally Posted by Remsen1
Some of my fondest memories were of riding on dad's lap and learning how to drive our old JD112 (I still have it by the way) and riding along on much larger pieces of equipment. It was always done safely, there were never any obstacles. He would ask me to hop off and watch from a distance when there was. He would always shut the blades off if I came over to talk or to go for another ride. He would throw himself under the tactor to protect me from it. What pizzez me off is parents who are too dumb for their own kids good, like depicted in previous replies. But another thing that bothers me is if somebody who didn't know me were to say, "you shouldn't have your kid on there with you". I respect the danger of my machinery 100% and I will teach that to my kids and I will do so by giving them the opportunity to learn how to act while in the presence of and while operating machinery. They will learn that going under tree branches and around obstacles is not a place to have a passenger or spectator. I feel the same way about kids + firearms, atvs etc. They should learn respect of potentially dangerous activities rather than be sheltered from them.
Make sure you hold on to that JD's a collector's item now.....

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