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Shopping for 30 hp util with loader, opinions?

I'm in the research phase of buying a tractor in the 30 hp range. Must haves are a quick disconnect front loader than can safely handle 1000-1200 lbs, and a 6 ft belly or rear mower. So far I've looked at Kubotas & New holland, and of the 2 the NH Boomer TC33DA , which was quoted around 23k with FL, belly mower, & Ag tires & front grill protector, was my preference.
My business partner suggests I check out JD's as well, but I haven't had the time to visit the dealer yet. JD's website has me a bit confused with all the different models. It looks like JD's quick connect FL is a better design than the NH, but I wondering if the (anticipated) higher cost of JD's is worth it?

The machine will be used for a major revamping of my new 3 acre property. Lots of old scrub growth to remove, stone walls to build, some regrading, about 2 acres of grass (now all rough & full of ruts, rocks, etc).

Any & all opinions appreciated,

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