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You've got a couple different options with Deere. If you're looking for a gear drive you've got the 790 and 990. The 790 is 27hp and 24 at the PTO. The 990 is 40hp and 35 at the PTO. The 990 is significantly larger than the 790. As far as hydrostat models in your range, the 3320 and 3520 are the two closest. The 3320 is 32.5hp and 25 at the PTO, while the 3520 is 37hp and 30 at the PTO. As far as prices, expect to pay close to how I've broken it down for you.

790 w/300 loader - $15,250
990 w/300cx loader - $20,200
3320 w/300cx loader - $20,250
3520 w/300cx loader - $21,925

A finish mower for anyone of these tractors depending on brand/quality can run from $1500-2200.
If you have any questions, please feel free to either call and ask or email me.

Matt McLawhorn
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