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Backpack sprayers from Home Depot??

Originally Posted by gl1200a
I have just the opposite experience with them. The only ones I use are from Home Depot. RL Flowmasters in the one and two gallon tanks with the pressure relief valves. I have one with Round Up and one with Weed Be Gone with me at all times. I leave the chemicals in them from year to year and no problems. I even drive past Lowe's, Ace and other stores to get them at Home Depot. Sorry you haven't had the same luck.
I must say that I'd rather have my naughty bits hooked up to a car battery than use ANYTHING from RL Flowmaster. I use Echo and Shindaka and have never had a problem. The RL Flowmaster brand is renowned for falling apart after a few uses. Ask someone at Home Depots returns department. They'll tell you that those sprayers are one of the most common return items. They are great if it's something that you are going to use once then toss, but as far as taking care of your weed-killers or insecticides or fungicides then quality counts.

By the way, Bob Nardelli is the Anti-Christ.

Actually the Anti-Christ is Geo. W. Bush and Bobby is his in-bred older brother.
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