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Originally Posted by mtdman
All that stuff is green industry related. That all falls under 1 professional category. I'm not talking about someone who does mowing, irrigation, landscaping, etc all in one. I'm talking about the guy that builds decks, paints and repairs fences, cleans gutters, power washes siding, patches roofs, etc etc etc and then throws in lawn care at the bottom of the list because he's got a push mower in the truck as well. I know many professional painters, carpenters, roofers, builders, etc, and none of them would think to also do lawn mowing. Why is it that so many so-called professional lcos think they can also do all those professions all at once? It's those kind of jacks of all trades that brings the professionals down. IMO.

You seem to be the only one here singing her own praises, btw.
Around here all the pro landscapers have a pressure/power washing outfit, usually with a dedicated trailer with a hard mounted tank and 15-18hp gasoline power unit and 150' of line. Personally, I thought they were in the same category to begin with???

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