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Smart Customer

I have a really nice customer always pays on time never thought she was the cheap pita type customer. Well she approched me 2-3 weeks ago to get rid of her dandelions. I explained to her I can't spread any type of chemicals and she tried everything to get me to. I told her I do sub out alot of that work to sombody else and I will be happy to even set it up for you or I could just give you his card so you can give him a call. I gave her the card thinking she would give him a call. I showed up this last thursday to mow, and their isn't one dandelion in the yard, just a ton of brown spots. She came running out to me before I even got the gate down saying she payed the neghibor boy 15 bucks to get rid of her dandelions. When she asked how he did it he sprayed round up on every single one. Her yard looks like it has the chickenpocks or somthing. What I am getting at is what the hell would you do for this. I told her to call who I sub out any fert. I get. But I was curious if their was anything at all to do for it. I really wanted to ask if the 14 year old kid was certified but I didn't.
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