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In order to be a landscape professional you have to paint, do drywall, build decks, fences, patch roofs, clean gutters, wash windows and siding, and any other meanial task associated with home ownership? I've never heard that one.

My point is, it's tough to make this a professional business when you've got basic handymen that do anything to make a dollar calling themselves lawn care professionals. Why is it this is the only industry that people do that? Do you see professional painters that do all that? Carpenters? Roofers? No, you don't. They are professional painters, roofers, carpenters that just do those professions. Not jacks of all trades that will do anything to make a buck, including pushing a lawn mower. But just because someone who will do any kind of labor has a lawnmower and can cut grass as well, they are an lco? I don't think so. That's what brings down the industry, that's what brings down prices, and that's what keeps people from viewing us as professionals.

To say-- "Do one thing and do it well" and that's what makes the green industry
and doing anything outside that type of work is "Unprofessional"and "Brings the green industry down" is absurd.
And that's basicly what the point of the thread was and yes it was very clear to me.

That's not what I said. What I said was if you are going to be in the green industry and a professional, do green industry related work. Not everything under the sun that you can do for hire.

If you had bothered to pay attention, that's what I was talking about. Not about landscapers that do a variety of green related tasks. Next time pay attention so I don't have to repeat myself.
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