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What I ment by that was the $ I made doing all those things enabled me to build enough capitol to buy my equipment and pay for insurance and get my business off the ground.
I do agree our industry is viewed in a lower light than most,but you are always gonna have those jacks of all trades, it's a historical fact.That's how this nation was built,by people doing all kinds of different things to make a living,and being versatile in their knowledge.I think a person is viewed as a professional if they perform their work professionally no matter what it is.YES there are alot of guys out there that bring the vision you have of LCO's being viewed a professional way way down,but you will never change that.Lawncare professionals will never be viewed in the trade industry like carpenters,plumbers,electricians,the reason why is the little kid down the block and remembering when you mowed the grass for the neighbors for a dollar.
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