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Pretty good thread here. I'll put my two cents in.

My company name---HASKINS HOME MAINTENANCE LLC. Now with that this opens alot of doors and buss. I was building decks and remodeling back a few years ago with the same name and now the past two I have been doing lawn care. I get calls for decks and I try and get the framing down and let my highschooler lay the decking down. easy money and I really enjoy it. Now sometimes after getting to know the customer I end up with the lawn care also. I do this part time and also in the winter with plowing I try and get one or two remodeling jobs. My plan is to do lawn care full time and sub out the deck work to the highschooler who is learning how. In the winter I can do remodeling. I think it is always good to have something to fall back on when times are tough. So with the name HOME MAINTENANCE that realling covers it up. Lawns need maintenance So I get anykind of phone calls.
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