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quote from the article "Investigators do not anticipate filing charges in the case."

Why the F%*$ not.....I realaize it was an accident, but a preventable accident none the less...I realize the grandpa is going to have to live with this accident the rest of his life and I'm sure his son/daughter are not going to press charges, but I think the state needs to do something and start making examples out of these negligent/brain dead parents. You now have a "disabled" 6 year old girl whose life was ruined.....

I don't know what punishment would fit, in this case, maybe community service at a hospital the specializes in Physical therape for amputee's

My grandfather lost his leg below the knee when a women pulled into hardee and hit the gas instead of the brakes and pinned him tot he wall...No amount of money ever brought back his qualityof life that it was before the accident....This girl will be in the same boat, except instead 10 years she'll have 80 years to live with it....
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