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Punishing Grandpa would serve absolutely no purpose.
He wouldnt be an "example".
He wouldnt be somehow positively impacted in any way. Nor would society.
It would only make some people feel better because that bad ol' stupid Grandpa got in trouble.
These same satisfied people have absolutely no interest in the true well-being of the little girl - If so, send some $ for a new prosethetic foot, she is going to need several over the years. Otherwise, mind your own business by ensuring the saftey of your own by learning from the misfortunes of others.

We already have enough people in trouble for simple "accidents".
Accidents are not criminal, and I for one am full-up with the notion that blame, punishiment, liability, accountability and plain ol' retribution must lay on the shoulders of some poor sole for every goofy thing that happens nowadays.

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