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Originally Posted by MarcSmith
Again, I'm not sayingthathe has to go to jail or anything. and post some huge fine, but some community service would do some good.

any time a parent leaves a kid in a car in the summer time or forgets to close the gate on their pool and their child drowns, its always they same thing...."The parents will suffer enough having to live with their negligence" Bullsnot! Part of the punishment is to help prevent others from having to feel that loss.....I don't speed any more, why, I was punished for my actions and saw that the ends did not justify the means and when they raised the fines it detered me from speeding....Obviously something a inane as community service won't stop a parent from being stupid, but when I was young and when my parenst were young, this type of stuff did not happen with the regularity that it does today, or at the very least was not reported.
4300 deaths as a result of injury for the top 20 leading casues...ages 3-14

I was unable to get the facts an figures for those injured not killed, and what about those who are injured but not taken to the hospital....

how many kids have to die or get injured needlessly before the people who "care" for them are held accountable.....I'm not talking about the kid who runs down the street and skins his knee or climbs a tree and falls out and breaks an arm. I'm talking the parents having a massive brain fart...
I couldn't disagree with you more. Knowing what he did and having to live with it is punishment enough. Put yourself in his shoes, do you really think community service or something would make him feel worse or more sorry about what he did? No. I'm sure he feels as sorry as a person can possibly feel.

Anyway, people generally don't get punished for accidents unless there is gross negligence, but an excited kid running in front of a mower doesn't constitute gross negligence. It's a horrible thing that should never have happened, but I don't think punishment is necessary.
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