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Originally Posted by Roger
I have read posts in the past about double cutting using the regular mowing height on the first pass, and a slightly higher setting on the second pass. Why? Is the clipping distribution on the second pass better with a higher deck setting?

Typically I have mowed the highest on the first pass, lowering the deck slightly for the second pass. My thinking was to create the fewest clippings on the first pass with the higher setting. On the second pass, the small amount being mowed off will be, by definition, short clippings and not a problem.

Thoughts/comments about using two height settings and why ....

Here's my reasoning: If you are doing a larger place and the conditions are somewhat dry, the clippings dry out enough so that when you run things over the second time the clippings just about turn to powder (again, works best when really sunny and warm), Lifting the deck on the second pass ensures that you are just recutting and shredding. Doing one pass higher than the next lower seems to create more moisture still leaving a little clumping here and there in heavy growth. Maybe it makes no differance, probably all in my head but thats my theory.
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