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Originally Posted by grassmanvt
I got a kick out of that too but, I absolutey broke out in laughter when I SAW almost the same thing this morning. Let me set the mood, I'm headed out to finish two places this morning that I missed this week, a late model buick or oldsmobile goes by me with an old ford lawn tractor stradling the trunk just like the picture on turf mag. Also, note the Vt license plate on the picture and my location. I almost turned around to chase him down and snap a picture.
Hey grassman, I was in Essex Junction last year and I passed a new maroon Subaru wagon towing a little dinky 4x6 or so trailer with a w/b on it,that's it, it had an advertisement sign on the trailer too. Too bad I didn't have a camera. Just like the pic on turf mag.
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