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Originally Posted by stuie
Money isnt everything as we can see.Do something nice and it will come back in the end.
Cant understand the relations sometimes There an old Italian guy across the road from a weekly job i do and he has alzheimers.He couldnt get his mower going so he said could i fix it I said no but i will mow your lawn if you would like.Took 10 mins.He asked how much ,would ten dollars be ok.I said sure no problem.Ok i did lawn he forgot to pay me and i didnt ask for the $.
Was at the regular job about a month later and the daughter and son in law came over and asked if id done the lawn then the daughter started to go on about me of exploiting her father.I said well my grandmother had alzheimers I know how terrible it is and i mowed your fathers lawn for free.She didnt believe me till the lady i mow for came out and defended my honesty and the fact i mowed the other elderly neighbors house for $5 cause thats all she could afford and she had no family to help her.
The son in law apologised but the daughter gives me the death stare everytime i see her. Dont figure
I agree with Stumper on this. She feels like you were more understanding to her father than she. Go figure.

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