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Originally Posted by Soupy
The best way to grow is do good work and gain customers by word of mouth or people seeing your work first hand. I have found that 90% of people who are referred or stop me while working will sign on for service and at a no haggle price. These people know what they are buying by being told by a friend or seeing first hand with their own eyes. You my friend are missing out on the best form of advertising. You should be excited that someone seen you working and decided to stop (taking their time and energy as well) and asking you for an estimate. It is your fault you don't see the potential of actually following through with their request and leaving one. How do ever plan of getting 2, 3, or more properties lined up on one street? Are you hoping the neighbors of current customer just happen to stumble across your yellow page ad? You should have your truck lettered so the neighbors can just write the info down and call you, but I don't see what the difference between a phone call or personal contact is.
To be blunt, the difference is in the amount of my weekly deposits to the bank.
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