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Originally Posted by topsites
Well don't forget to mention that I cut 10 yards/day and have 50+ grass accounts and gross 1000 dollars every 3-4 days by myself. Don't forget this is sustained day after day, week after week, and month after month. And don't forget my 2 bmw's are paid for and my house is paid off so there is no mortgage payments... Yeah lets not forget all my equipment is paid for (including the truck), and I have no outstanding balances.
Don't forget that because maybe I can afford to pay for damages or to hire the lawyer.

Now one more time: Insurance is not required by law.
If you carry it, maybe it's because you need it.
So you have 2 cars and a home that are paid for and no ins? That seems quite stupid. Did you get rid of the thunderbird with the leaky gas tank, or is that paid for also?
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