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Originally Posted by topsites
To be blunt, the difference is in the amount of my weekly deposits to the bank.
Unbeleivable.... You are telling me that after 4 years you paid for 2 BMW's, a house, truck, and all equipment cutting 50 lawns (not yards as you put it) a week grossing 1K every 4 days. First off I wouldn't be bragging about your weekly deposits off of 50 lawns at a little over 1K (gross) a week. Secondly I would not expect people to believe you have paid for everything you have from cutting lawns for 4 years. Honestly with those numbers I can't see how you can afford the yellow page ad! You should be praying that people see you on the street and ask you to work for them. You might have money from somewhere else but don't try to con all the members who have experience in owning a lawn care business that your business is the reason you have this so called fortune.

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