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No, I have not done any advertising on radio or tv, however my wife works in the advertising business, and she has got the scoop. It is true that Abritron for radio and Nielsen for tv collects all of this information on listeners/veiwers. You have heard of Nielsen diaries where they send you a booklet and ask you to fill out the programs you watch for an entire week. This is how they get most of their data. In some cases they actually put a box in your home, if you consent, and monitor which stations you watch and which programs. All of this information is provided to ad agencies and to stations. Obviously stations want your $$ so they will tell you how the demo you are trying to reach fits with their programing. It's sort of common sense in that you have a good idea who would watch tv at certain hours of the day and who will watch certain programs. Prime time sort of encompasses everyone-so they say. It all depends on who you want to target as to which time you want your ad to run. That is really the bottom line. It's the same thing with print ads-who do you want to target? Again, sort of common sense. Each station has a share of the viewing audience and that is proven by the data collected by either Arbitron or Nielsen. So, hope that helps. You know that most of the information for both Nielsen and Arbitron is mostly based on the diaries and that could be very subjective. I was a Nielsen diary family and I have to admit by the end of the week I did not really care to be accurate. The main thing is to figure out your target audience.
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