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Ignition Coil Pickup Distance from the Flywheel

I have a 9 year old McCulloch 2816. Yes, I know it's a piece of crap after reading all these posts for awhile. But, it has been fairly decent for my needs of home use. I almost ready to dump it and get a Shindaiwa, but I'm putting in one last ditch effort to fix it.

My problem is that I'm getting barely any spark, if any at all. It has always been weak since new. I've seen some posts on coil pickup distance from the flywheel vs timing, but does the distance affect the amount of energy the coil produces. I think my spark is weak or non existant because the gap is too big. There is some slight adjustment, from right on the flywheel to about a 1/8". I think it has been set wrong since day one.

I'm getting a new plug tonight to eliminate that possibility first before readjusting the gap.

Any ideas?
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