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Originally Posted by nobagger
just wondering if anyone has had any problems with a compact rider. I'm getting rid of my 48" w/b and really want a compact rider, I was looking at a Exmark and I cant remember the name of it I think it was a Lazer HP? but at any rate it comes with a 23hp Kawi, Canister type air filltration system and a few other options that are standard. I would be looking at a 48" deck size just for manuverability purposes. I have a few accounts and they are just a little too big for a w/b even when using a Velkie. Plus the standing is starting to take its toll on my knees. But I'm not sold on any one brand as of yet.
52" Super Mini Z with 24 honda or 25 kawi, that is gonna be my ride sometime in December or January. 10 mph, time to blow away...
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