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A lot of people here keep talking about "wattage" being the problem. It is not. The problem here is voltage. I can take a 12 volt 7 watt bulb and hook it up to a car battery which can put out over 12,000 watts of power for a short time(12 Volt 1000 AMP battery) and by the way I have an 800 AMP battery in my car right now. Any way the 7 watt bulb will run just fine with no problem. It is the VOLTS that is causing this problem. Either you have 6 volt bulbs on a 12 volt transformer or 12 volts bulbs on a 24 volt transformer or the transformer is messed up and needs to be replaced. I once seen a mess like this where there was no transformer. The man though he could just plug the lights straight into the 120 VAC wall outlet.
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