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Originally Posted by mustang1993
I have and Exmark Z. When the mower begins to warm up, the right rear wheel has almost no power. The left rear well work correctly. After cutting for an hour or so on hills and inclines, the left rear wheel looses some of it's power. They hydraulic tank cap has fluid around it, and on the tank. It can get so bad as to drip onto the exhaust, and cause it to smoke. I had a Lesco, and it did the same thing before buying the Exmark. I had take the mower to the dealer a year ago to have the loss of fluid looked at, and they said that was normal? I have tried the cap super tight, and snug. Still leaks!
Has anyone had the same issue that can point me to a fix?

Thanks for you input.
It sounds like the tank is over filled. The cap on that tank is vented, which is probley where all the oil is coming from.

If you look inside the oil tank, after running the unit, does it look like it has alot of little air bubbles in it?
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