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After talking to the dealer about the problem, they referred me to a few things that I should have checked! I just did not think about this for some reason, guess because I have going 24/7! lol

The dealer instructed me to check the drive belt, and to make sure the grease fitting to the drive belt tension spring was lubed. Don't fry me for not referring to it in the correct name! It is the grease fitting that is under the seat. It keep the tension on the drive belt. He said that they are known to freeze up often if not kept lubed. He also echoed that the fluid level may just be to high. He said the fluid I see over spilling is normal under excessive filling. Who knew!

I greased the fitting, and replaced the worn drive belt. Everything seems to be back to normal. What I think most of the problem was, was the worn drive belt. Because it was not generating the need revolutions on the pumps, they were getting under serviced. Again, this is something I should have checked. My fault! Good learning experience though.

I was aslo having a "bucking" issue with the mower. The quadra shocks that give you resistance when steering were shot. They were $27 each. That fixed that issue as well. Thanks for your help again.
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