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Originally Posted by fairwayCuts
This is only my 2 year in the business and I always hated it when it rained alot. I'd complain about mowing in the rain, having to catch up on the weekends, having to double cut... Well I was completely wrong! I'm in northwest Ohio and although we did see a little rain the past week, everything is dead in our area. Some of my accts I havn't cut in over two weeks because its hasn't grown an inch. I'm really going to start feeling the pinch if something doesn't happen fast. Drought or monsoon.... I'll take monsoon any day.
Yeah, same in virginia, a few hours of rain in the past month, most my accounts are 3-4 weeks apart but it IS July and that is not entirely abnormal, either (Even when it monsoons, July-August is slow compared to spring).
But you are right, come september we will need water for Core Aeration.
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