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Believe it or not, today when I was cutting my Accounts, As i do every day in the same order same roads ect ect. However today was slightly different. I live in Florida nd we cutt all year around, Slightly slower in the winter months but we still cut. Today when I Was making my rounds, I pulled into one of my customers lawn to notice several cars there that or not normaly there. Seems that there HighSchool Girl decided to play hooky from school with some of her friends. Mom and dad are never home in the day time when I am there. So to my suprize when I start pulling off my weedeater and start out in the front yard working my way to the rear yard where the in-ground pool is. and BAM, there was 5 girls jumping and splashing around in the pool. You guessed it (Nothing on). I was suprized shocked amazed. And the best part was they all seen me. there was no way that you couldn't hear the weed eater in the front yard coming down the side of the house and through the privacy fench. these girls didn't seem to mind that i was standing there with my jaw down to my knees. they kept swimming and I kept WEED Wacking. When i was finished in the rear yard and i walked to the driveway to get my mower and start cutting, I started in the front yard and mowed same as i always do. then to the back yard. and I mowed from back to front. This way every time i got to the back yard, i could turn toward the pool and mow that way for awhile.<p>Isn't Mowing wonderful.<p>Whats the most interesting thing like this that has happened to anyone else?<p><p>----------<br>Dave<br>3B's Lawn Care Service
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