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My partner got a call last week from one of my clients.We cut his home and his apartment and 2 houses next to him.He said that he would like to combine his 2 propertys and his neighbours into one job.He said he would like 1 price for all these propertys,And also said he was going to get some other prices from other people.So he was basically trying to get me to do all those places for a super cheap price!My partner called our long time client that lived down 2 houses that was part of the bid.He told us that he never heard about this and did not know what the deal was.He called us agian and my partner told him we would not do this!We told him how we where doing his propertys cheap allready becouse his house was next to sevral of our other propertys.He just changed the subject and ended the call.We don't really know if he is going to try to get our other clients to get togeather to get a cheap price.I don't think our other clients will get rid of us but you never know!So after going through all that mess I was cutting a lawn and guess who walks up?Yep the cheap guy.I was expecting he was going to talk about what was going on and the guess what the dork said.&quot;hi I looking for someone to cut our lawn&quot;yes you read that right he did not even know who I was!I cut the dorks lawn every week last year and did his snow and he did not know who I was.Do you know why????Its becouse he is rich and never would think twice about me.I guess us poor poeple all look the same!Anyway I said to him I from ab lawn care.He was shocked and did not know what to say.He was looking all over the place becouse he could not look me in the eyes.After about 15 second he said &quot;I guess you know what that is all about then&quot;I said YES then after looking around some more he said&quot;so I guess you guys are pretty busy this time of year&quot; I said that we where pretty busy.I should of said dealing with jerks like you keep us pretty busy!But since I don't want to harm my reputation I kept it to what I said.Then he went his way and I went mine.This year we got rid of 1/4 of our work becouse they where too cheap,hard to deal with,paid late all the time and so on.Now becouse of this jerk I may loose 2 great jobs!I'm not sure if he will try to get them to do what he is thinking.What do you guys think about this situation?What would you guys do from this point on?I am trying to pick up more work to fill my hole left by my useless clients but that takes time.Tell me what you think or what you thought about that!<p>P.S.The cheap guy owns sevral condos and is loaded!<p>from:Adam<p>AB Lawn Care
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