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Don't know why the fact that's he's &quot;loaded&quot; has anything to do with it. You should really be charging the same price vs. quality ratio to everyone regardless of whether they drive a Rolls Royce or Honda Civic. What's the point of making a lot of money if you're just going to get charged more for the same services you got before when you were not wealthy. In other words I strongly disagree with anyone who charges their client a &quot;rich tax&quot;. This is the same mentality you probably face everyday as an employer. Ever catch your employees ignorantly treating your equipment like crap? &quot;Whatever, the boss owns it. He makes so much money OFF US, he can afford to buy new equipment...heck, our boss must be rich, he owns his own business.&quot; - Anyway, that's probably besides the point of your post. <p><br>I think you've got to understand where this guy is coming from. He knows how business works, the more you do per hour the cheaper it is for you. So why should the three lawns in a row be treated any differently from one large lawn? He's got a point...and if he gets his neighbors in on it he'll have a great chance to negotiate a price from someone fresh who WILL think of it as one large property.<p>Now that you know his point of view, he should know yours. Hit him where he understands and respects. Talk business talk. Explain to him that prices have already been adjusted to reflect the expected scenario of getting multiple properies in a row. Tell him you need a certain percentage of your propertys to be adjoining in order to maintain &quot;economies of scale&quot; and the efficiency needed to keep prices low for everyone. Your pricing structure is such that your long term goal is to strive for every property to be adjoining to at least another property. The fact his property is next to two others does not mean that he is paying more than he should have to; it's just part of the pricing structure. Does his cable or phone company offer him &quot;street rates&quot;? Do they combine them together and treat them as a multi-roomed office complex? No, simply because they take all possiblities into account when calculating pricing, and A&B Lawn Care is no different. Try it. Let us know how it works out.<p>
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