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Adam, The best thing you can do is get out and communicate with your customers. Put on that Polo shirt and start knocking on doors, ask them point blank what the objective is. If they are in the mindset to get a cheaper price and have a spokesman for the group, chances are it's already being bid on by another company and you don't even know it. Explain to them what you have how you have already restructured your business by reducing the cheap and slow payers, pump them up seperately by telling them they are the cream of the crop, very good customers, and you don't want to lose their business. Communication is the key to any relationship, business included, if they don't know who you are then make a point to introduce yourself to them and soon they'll find out there is a person behind that trimmer, edger, and mower! It doesn't just happen by itself. Ask questions and tell them that your quality is above the competition and for x years you have been trying to satisfy all your customers by doing a good job..............kill em with kindness, what do you have to lose? Greenlawncare is right about not judging a book by it's cover, you might have more free cash on hand than those &quot;rich&quot; folks. Everybody seems to push things right to the edge, they might be on the verge of falling off. The &quot;spokesman&quot; might be in the worst shape so he's out scrounging to get a reduced price by combining everyone into an association type setup, this way he might negociate himself a cheaper monthly payment.<p>Homer
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